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R. H. Krämer has always been a person with an overly active imagination. This has proven to be one of her greatest attributes when it comes to telling a story, to her passion, or to thinking outside the box for her career. Krämer has a maturity and sophistication that are infectious. People tend to model their behavior after hers, sometimes without realizing they are doing so. Do not let her behavior fool you into thinking that it is her way. Although she works hard to be responsible, respectable, and dependable, she is also one of the funniest, adaptable people you can ever meet. Krämer’s romantic stories will have you craving the affection her many different leading ladies experience. No matter how different you are from the leading lady, you will always find bits and pieces of yourself in each and every one of them. With every outfit, every adventure, every smile, and every tear, you will feel as though you are right beside them, always wanting more.